Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Crew

Pirate--Ahoy buckos. Oi be organizin' a meetin' fer any members ’oo want t' attend. We will be discussin' t' bearing o' our chapter and what we plan on doin' wit it. If t' accord be t' form an official crew, a rough draft o' a code will be drawn up. So fer anyone ’oo plans on attendin', please grunt a toime that be savvy for ye t' meet , and Oi’ll try t' set up t' meetin' at a toime that werks fer most o' ye. Arrr.

English--Hi guys. I’m organizing a meeting for any members who want to attend. We will be discussing the direction of our chapter and what we plan on doing with it. If the consensus is to form an official organization, a rough draft of a constitution will be written. So for anyone who plans on attending, please submit a time that’s good for you to meet , and I’ll try to set up the meeting at a time that works for most of you.


chris said...

I would love to join! But I'm at Rutgers Camden is that a problem?

Captain Crunch said...

Ahoy Chris. I am personally working on a chapter at Rutgers New Brunswick and since I plan on doing it as an official Rutgers organisation, I don't think you'd be able to join (You have to attend New Brunswick to join any of our organisations). However, the plan was to also form chapters at Camden and Newark and coordinate with them to spread His noodly word across the great state of New Jersey. So if you want to be the Captain (President) of the Camden chapter, let me know and we can work something out.

chris said...

Just reposting what I said at the message board.

Aye it was me who posted on the blog. I am quite interested in the prospect of making official Pastafarian student groups at the Rutgers campuses, I think they have the potential to be quite successful. I will begin talks with friends and other people on campus to see how much support the FSM has/how many potential members to expect for the Camden campus.
I am also interested in the steps you have already taken (if any yet) You can contact me through Facebook Or email whichever you prefer to talk about the FSM Organization.